Waxing & Electrolysis

Waxing Price Approx Duration

Many women use waxing as their hair-removal solution, but have you always relied on shaving for smooth hair-free skin? You may find shaving time consuming, irritating to your skin or that your hair feels coarse on re-growth. It might be time for you to try waxing! There are many benefits of waxing over shaving, not just how long the effects last, or that your hair can grow back slower and finer, but also that the result is much smoother.

Half leg £ 22.00 30 mins
Three quarter leg £ 25.00 45 mins
Full leg £ 28.00 45 mins
Bikini line £ 15.50 15 mins
Brazilian £ 21.00 25 mins
Hollywood £ 27.00 40 mins
Tummy £ 15.00 15 mins
Underarm £ 15.00 15 mins
Eyebrow £ 12.00 15 mins
Lip £ 10.00 10 mins
Chin £ 10.00 10 mins
Lip & Chin £ 15.00 15 mins
Forearm £ 15.00 15 mins
Full arm £ 20.00 20 mins
Nostril wax £ 11.00 15 mins
Hot Wax available for some treatments at an additional cost.
Electrolysis Price Approx Duration

The only permanent form of hair removal; electrolysis removes hair at the root. This is the ultimate procedure for a smooth, hair free appearance.

5 mins £ 9.00 -
10 mins £ 11.00 -
15 mins £ 12.00 -
20 mins £ 15.00 -
30 mins £ 18.00 -

“Serenity saved my wedding over the course of the last 24 hours.
I messaged Sharon explaining that with 3 days to go, the lady due
to do my wedding nails had had to cancel my appointments.
Heartbroken that I was going to have scruffy nails, I didn’t think
it possible to rescue the situation.
However, Serenity moved heaven and earth to fit in my appointments
despite the fact I was a first time visitor to the salon. And what an amazing
job both Sharon and Becky did. I absolutely love my new nails - beautifully
French polished and styled to suit my dress and my hands.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Serenity - such a friendly salon,
where everyone was just lovely and welcoming. I will be
back without a doubt - thank you so much again...”