Mens Treatments

Todays men are much more conscious about the way they look and it’s become common practice and acceptable for men to visit beauty salons. We are proud to offer a range of health and grooming treatments for men to keep up with this ever increasing demand and we provide a tailored variety of treatments specifically for men.

Waxing Price Approx Duration
Back £ 29.00 30 mins
Chest £ 32.00 30 mins
Back and chest £ 57.00 60 mins
Full leg £ 40.00 45 mins
Eyebrows £ 11.00 15 mins
Nostril £ 11.00 15 mins
Massage Price Approx Duration
Back, neck and shoulder £ 36.00 45 mins
Full body £ 48.00 75 mins
Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder £ 39.00 45 mins
Aromatherapy full body £ 51.00 75 mins
Hot Stones luxury back, neck and shoulder £ 47.00 45 mins
Hot Stones full body £ 60.00 75 mins
Deep tissue full body £ 60.00 75 mins
Deep tissue back, neck and shoulder £ 47 45 mins
Manicure/Pedicure Price Approx Duration
Reshape £ 12.00 10 mins
Reshape and buff £ 19.00 20 mins
Manicure £ 29.00 30 mins
Pedicure £ 31.00 30 mins
Facials Price Approx Duration
Prescription £ 37.00 45 mins
Deep cleansing £ 47.00 60 mins
Please note all treatment times are approximate.

I have been going to serenity for a few years for manicures. I went to an open day last year and asked about the small red veins that were appearing on my face. Rebecca booked me in for a consultation and recommended thread vein treatment.
It sounded a bit scary but Rebecca booked me in for 6 sessions and talked me through the treatment. It was a bit painful (related it to having a tattoo) but Rebecca reassured me during the whole procedure.
The marks left lasted about a week but no worse than a graze. I have completed the treatment and I am over the moon with the results.
My skin is clear and I no longer have to cover up with foundation.
Thank you serenity and Rebecca for your help in making me feel better about myself.

Diane – AW3 ND YAG Laser Thread Vein Removal